Labour is lying about Russian sanctions

For every issue, the Labour Party has a script full of lies and manufactured propaganda which tallies with the stupid opinion of the Prime Minister and his personal interests. They have no principles, no ideas of their own and of course refuse to adopt a scientific approach to everything. It’s mostly fraud and deceit: more than 95% of it.

Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, Malta has been strongly reluctant to adopt the sanctions against Russia and stop selling passports to Russians. Basically, Malta took a pro-Russian position and was forced by the EU to shut down its passport programmer for Russians and Belorussians. One of the main causes of this reluctance is that the Prime Minister himself has murky business connections with Russian oligarchs who bought Maltese passports. It’s not just the Prime Minister because there are hundreds of Russians who bought Maltese passports and these have links to Maltese lawyers and firms and Labour lawyers surely don’t want to lose this business. Labour is abusing Malta’s “neutrality” to take a silent, and cautious pro-Russian approach.

Malta’s silent and pro-Russian support is very convenient to Labour as they blame Malta’s economic problems on sanctions and the Russian war on Ukraine and by doing this they deflect from the real reasons why our economy is struggling. Rampant corruption, rent-seeking, and gross incompetence? Blame sanctions. Miriam Dalli, the ONE propagandist running the energy sector with other incompetent propagandists doesn’t even want to reveal any details of what Malta is doing with energy purchases while Enemalta is bankrupt and is depending on government subsidies. Not in your interest to know.

Today, Labour is taking an even more emboldened stance by claiming that sanctions are not affecting Russia and are only affecting ordinary people in Europe. This is an obscene lie and explicitly an amoral pro-Russian position which conveniently excuses the LAbour’s government mishandling of the economy. The truth is that sanctions work. Europe’s main problems stem from energy brought by the incompetence and corruption of Germany. Once this problem is solved, Europe won’t be affected by Russian sanctions. The EU’s economy on average will lose 1.5% of its GDP as a result of a complete halt of Russian gas, it will register a 2.8% growth this year and 2.1% growth next year. Meanwhile, according to official Russian government figures, the Russian economy will lose 7.8% of its GDP this year and another 0.7% next year. The Russian Central Bank actually forecasts an ever higher loss for this year’s GDP hovering around 8-10%.

Of course, sanctions work. Even the Russian government admits this. The fact that the Deputy-Leader of the Labour Party, Daniel Micallef would come out and say the contrary just shows how shameless they have become in their fraud.

Now, as for the argument on the “poor and ordinary people of Russia”, the argument is also deceiving and inherently imbued with authoritarian overtones. If you think that the ordinary Russian people are not to blame for the Russian war that is equal to saying that Russian people have no agency and are simply serfs to their government. They are not and this is why many Russians are against the war and refuse to play a part in it while many others willingly support it. Russian people do have agency and many are choosing war. Others like Russian academics in Malta chose silence and fraud. Ukrainians, meanwhile are choosing to risk their lives to fight for their democratic ideals and national sovereignty: the cultural and civilizing gap between the Russians and the Ukrainians is huge. This is what many “poor and ordinary” Russian people think of the war, and here is the Russian father of a dead soldier celebrating his government-donated car for the sacrifice of his son. And before the fraudulent Russian academics tell you that these people risk in going to prison, remember that Ukrainians are risking their lives and their bodies.

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