Clayton Bartolo told you to stuff it

Total Idiot

In a recent article, I wrote how the government has destroyed the free market in the culture industries by acting as a producer for the sake of private interests and Labour Party donors. The Malta Tourism Authority is a Centre of nepotism and corruption which gives out millions of Euros to select private operators who are Labour’s friends and party donors to hold large cultural events. As for the event Isle of MTV it is subsidized by millions of Euros in public funds and serves to help contractors in the culture industry. Recently, some artists made their concerns publicly about MTA’s racket but the Minister of Tourism Clayton Bartolo told us to stuff it.

Clayton Bartolo was also grovelling about being associated with MTV. It’s incredible to me how our Tourism Minister can be so ingratiatingly idiotic and infantile. From his village mindset, he thinks that it’s a big deal to pay millions of Euros to MTV to hold a free concert for artists who are mainly cheered by teenagers. Rest in peace local cultural industries. No wonder we were colonised many times over by foreigners. We are led by incredible infantile imbeciles whose small and little fingers can’t even be used to please a woman, let alone govern the country.

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