Adrian Hillman publishes his book

Previous Allied Newspapers CEO Adrian Hillman, who was extradited to Mata from the UK over money-laundering charges, has just published a book by Routledge. It’s called, The Construction of News in a Polarised State: Maltese Advocacy Journalism. Mabel Strickland is turning in her grave. Adrian Hillman broke Allied Newspapers (the publisher of Times of Malta) by taking kickbacks for over-priced printing machinery that he bought from Keith Schembri. It was an insane deal which back then surprised us for the efficacy in the way how Keith Schembri had put the CEO of Allied Newspapers into his pocket.  Caroline Muscat, previous Times of Malta journalist and current editor of Shift News has claimed on the Jon Mallia podcast that during the same time when Hillman was being bribed, Keith Schembri would feed stories to Hillman who would then pass them on for publication to the newsroom. Now, he has the gall to lecture about “polarisation”. Incredible how frauds can rehabilitate themselves so easily through academia.

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