This is what’s actually happening while Robert Abela tells you that he is working for you

Robert Abela tells you that he is working for you and making sure you are not hit by inflation but the reality is that as most people have to work extra jobs to make ends meet and young people get priced out of the property market, Robert Abela is working for the rent-seeking economy. This is what they mean by economic growth, and Comino will be next. Along with the environment, another victim of this rent-seeking economy is the culture industry, as Malta is turned into a lifeless and cheap tourist destination where people don’t want to live in it any longer. Very much like a Gulf tourist trap. This is also a demographic problem as young people decide to leave.

There is nothing which justifies the current wreckage of this country and this is why we desperately need a change of government. Even a change of government would be enough to trigger the process for a discussion on our country’s future. Today, Labour has no plan other than continuing to build on the rent-seeking economy, plundering the country and covering up for its corrupt belligerents. They are so desperate and innocuous that they can’t even show any dignity themselves. To inaugurate an alleged €20 million investment by Ryanair in a hanger in Malta, two ministers were present for the inauguration including the Prime Minister himself, although they did not mention that Ryanair is provided with millions of Euros in public subsidies to bring in passengers. They are so oblivious as to what to do that they reek of desperation.

Meanwhile, Labour has no shame in disrespecting local institutions. If an institution is not Labour-controllled, then it is by default anti-Labour and needs to be addressed accordingly.

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  1. Malta is about as attractive to the western world as China, a country that is about to face a shit-storm. Prepare to be the next Iran. If Uncle Sam doesn’t like you, who are you friends?

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  1. Sincerely, I do not understand – Mark Camilleri

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