The unprincipled and amoral goons of Labour who still support Joseph Muscat

These are just some of the unprincipled, amoral and opportunistic Labour goons who still support Joseph Muscat.

Two of these are totally and unashamedly corrupt. Justyne Caruana was fired from her post as Minister of Education after a damning report which recommended her for a police investigation for handing a corrupt contract to her boyfriend. The other one is Rosianne Cutajar, who readers of my blog know very well. The other two are unprincipled idiots of my generation who are blinded by their gratitude to Joseph Muscat for setting them up with careers at the European parliament. Josianne used to work at Keith Schembri’s office.

It’s understandable why Justyne and Rosianne would support Joseph Muscat. Justyne is desperate to get back in politics, although she was still appeased with a government plum job. Justyne even opened a constitutional case against the Standards Commission law which saw her investigated, despite the fact she had hailed it as “monumental” when it was first enacted. No shame at all. Justyne the typical politician who is in it for herself and has no shame about it. A corrupt goon whose only activity in life is to leech from the government.

Then there are Alex Saliba (I know him as Alex Saliba “It-Tander” and not Alex Agius Saliba) and Josianne Cutajar who are cowardly lackeys with no principles. They are not just hedging their bets here, because they genuinely like him and support him too as they show him their gratitude for giving them political careers. Anything goes for these unprincipled imbeciles and they would surely support Joseph Muscat’s return to politics.

Would you trust your country in the hands of people who see nothing wrong with corruption, murder, conspiracy and rampant fraud?

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