Times of Malta: a new platform for dictators?

Bizarre how today, the Times of Malta published an opinion piece by Turkey Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu arguing that his government is fighting against domestic terrorism namely the main Opposition Party which it describes as the Fethullahist Terrorist Organisation, but known internationally as the Gülen movement. The Turkish Foreign Minister has said:

Had the coup attempt succeeded, there would have been a very different Turkey today. Democracy would not have existed and fundamental rights and freedoms would have been suspended indefinitely. The nation would have fallen in the hands of an extremist government.

Hilarious, but actually rather tragic that this authoritarian buffoon is using the free press in a Western country to spread lies and deceit. Turkey is not a democratic country, but an authoritarian state which has 57 journalists locked up in prison.

Turkey’s dictator, who aspires to become an Ottoman emperor, has dismantled the Opposition and continuously jails political opponents. Just days ago the Turkish government arrested the deputy mayor of Seyhan, Funda Buyruk over trumped-up terrorism charges. Funda Buyruk is a Kurd and a member of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) which won 13% of the vote during the last general elections. Erdogan is purging the HDP from their political posts and their public jobs as part of a wide purge in politics and public office that has been going on since 2016. Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party is a fascist party which believes in authoritarianism, bellicose nationalism, imperialism, and perpetuates a policy of racism and oppression on its minorities, namely the Kurds. The AKP still denies describing the Armenian genocide Turkey perpetuated in 1915-16 for what it was: a genocide.

Turkey is also a main sponsor of terrorism in foreign countries, namely in Syria where it collaborates and works with various Al-Qaeda affiliates which are considered as terrorist organisations in the EU and the US. Turkey collaborated and worked with Al-Qaeda while the Kurds were fighting ISIS in North Syria. Turkey is also currently one of the biggest international proponents of the official recognition of the Taliban’s regime in Afghanistan (the Taliban is a terrorist organisation). Some of the weapons that Turkey sold to Islamic militants in Syria, also ended up in the hands of ISIS. Currently, Turkey is also planning another invasion of Northern Syria aimed against the Kurds and with the help of Islamic terrorists.

Would the Times of Malta do its job and send questions to the Turkish Foreign Minister on the cases of journalists, politicians and dissidents who are currently locked up in Turkish jails?

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