Joseph Muscat’s new lawyer: Charlon Gouder

Apparently, I missed this. Labour propagandist and previous lobbyist for Malta’s tuna industry, Charlon Gouder is now also Joseph Muscat’s lawyer.

Charlon Gouder has been on the government payroll ever since Labour entered office in 2013 and is today, back on ONE with a propaganda show of his own. His pal and previous Labour propagandist, Jonathan Attard is today’s Justice Minister. Charlon Gouder is still the butt of many jokes for those like me who remember him well, and yet today, he still hasn’t changed much. He is still the same old lackey and amoral imbecile he was before, so it is not surprising to see him become a fixture of our rent-seeking system while propagating for his political masters and simultaneously lobbying them in the interests of local business cartels.

He’s still hilarious, but today he works for the mafia.

There is no irony in the fact that Charlon and Jonathan Attard (Justice Minister) have had a career trajectory into roles which require the defence of Joseph Muscat.  After all, both Charlon and Jonathan owe their careers as Labour and government fixtures to Joseph Muscat, and they look up to him with deep gratitude for what he did for them. Joseph Muscat has a strong connection with these lackeys, and they may even facilitate his organic return to the Labour Party.

Photo sourced from Daphne Caruana Galizia (probably a social media photo):

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  1. When this gentleman worked as a journalist and a jeans factory in Malta closed down, an Austrian businessman wanted to take it over. Malta Enterprise after a due diligence on the gentleman concerned blocked the operation and Gouder attacked Malta Enterprise vehemently accusing it unjustly. He never apologized to Malta Enterprise for his wrong judgement even when this businessman was found guilty of fraud in Austria several times.

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