Update on Rosianne Cutajar’s caseS against me

Note, the “s” indicates plural. The illiterate and racist mob who watches Labour’s crass, and fraudulent propaganda devotedly thinks there is only one case and even their journalists can’t make it clear enough for them.

This is a criminal case that started from the abusive use of the Electronic Communications Act and has got nothing to do with the libel case. It’s a case which is equivalent to a traffic contravention. I have not attended any of the sittings and I have been fined €500 for failing to attend.

So, after all this time, Rosianne has some sort of win. It’s not a big deal but it is still something. It is not my plan to let this be a winning streak for Rosianne. My intention is to attend the sitting of the case when I will be in Malta next time round. Meanwhile, there is no word from the scam media reform committee presided by the government’s lackeys and propagandists including  Carmen Sammut.  The law being used in my case should be reformed or abrogated given it is an abusive way to silence critics. Just recently the Centre of Media Pluralism and Freedom ranked Malta as part of the worst category amongst European countries for its risks. You can read the specific country report on Malta here.

Here below you can see the reaction of the pro-Rosianne illiterate mob who doesn’t understand how the law works. What a great country to be a journalist in. The situation regarding media and freedom of speech in Malta has deteriorated excessively under Robert Abela’s administration. Robert Abela even tried to re-introduce criminal libel.

For those who are still not blinded by Rosianne’ imbecilic acts and would like to see her leave politics as soon as possible, you may have some consolation with my upcoming novel where you may enjoy some literary satire that can be relatable to Rosianne’s reality and her corrupt actions.











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