The latest Labour fraud: Planning Authority Chief Emmanuel Camilleri

Labour keeps up with its capture of state institutions with frauds and criminals as the new Labour appointee to the Planning Authority reveals the total fraud he is.

During the parliament’s grilling of the newly appointed incumbent, Emmanuel Camilleri claimed amongst other things:

– He won’t be disclosing his assets so as to ensure there is no conflict of interest with his duties.

– He doesn’t want to give an opinion on whether Malta is over-developed or not.

– He will follow the Labour Party manifesto.

Directors and executives under Robert Abela’s government are not allowed to have an opinion on matters which directly impact their sectors. They are only allowed to follow the fraudulent 1000 Idea Manifesto. A gimmicky and infantile text which promises vague ideas like regenerating the countryside, while land speculators and mega contractors like Joseph Portelli dictate planning policies through Robert Abela and Labour’s top brass. There’s no planning to be made, indeed because the planning authority’s role so far was to give free reign to building contractors at the expense of ordinary citizens. It’s not going to stop and it’s only going to get worse. There’s no stopping until the government is changed.

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