The foreign affairs of a Mafia State

Many in Europe feared a victory for Marine Le Pen in the French elections which would have brought the far-right to power and increased European appeasement of Russia. The influence of the far-right in Europe will most probably increase as the social democrats in Germany, France and Spain keep failing to find solutions for the ever-growing inflation and energy crisis. A recession may solve it for them, but would still mean they deteriorate further in the polls.

Malta is already in the populist phase of its politics and this is also reflected in our foreign politics. Like Orban and Marine Le Pen, Malta is calling for more appeasement of Russia in any way and form. This appeasement is made on the pretence of peace. Whatever Robert Abela will tell you his foreign affairs have got nothing to do with Malta’s constitutional neutrality clause which only precludes Malta from joining military alliances. Malta can in fact take positions on the politics of war without joining any military alliances and it would not be breaching the constitution when doing so. Malta has also consistently serviced foreign warships and constitutional court cases against such practice were also lost. Malta was also used by the French security services to support the Libyan resistance to the Arab Spring. Malta can take positions in favour of its security as well, but we don’t even factor this into our consideration as Clyde Caruana blames it all on sanctions with Russia and the “stubbornness of big countries”. This position is basically void of the security variable. We don’t really have a foreign policy other than a policy which says that we should be allowed to trade with whomever and with whoever with want including selling passports, and this is the same policy from which Robert Abela himself has benefited in the past.

If Robert Abela wanted to take a position in favour of peace then he would have been against war and by default against Russia’s invasion and in favour of a Ukrainian victory. Abela’s pretences of peace run with the same logic that Labour governs the country. After capturing all the state’s institutions, rigging the system with rampant corruption, destroying rule of law, and taking an over-leveraged position on the Maltese people by making them dependent on an overbearing and authoritarian government, you call for peace. This is how Robert Abela has played politics so far and how he is wrecking the country.

Robert Abela came to power on the express agreement with Joseph Muscat’s cabal that he wouldn’t go after him and Joseph Muscat anointed him leader. Abela promised the large Labour donors who have a free pass in planning and development like Joseph Portelli continuity and impunity. He then went on to appease special-interest groups like hunters by giving away free public land. Robert Abela’s corrupt way of governing the country is very explicit and evident and people should not be surprised by what is happening. You should not be surprised that the Attorney-General is literally sabotaging every investigation on government corruption and covering up for the whole corrupt political class. Neither is it a coincidence that the architect of the collapse of the rule of law,  ex-Attorney-General Peter Grech is today a government consultant. If it’s the continuation of the Mafia State, then call it so. Robert Abela is continuing the Mafia State and the results will come back to bite him as Joseph Muscat makes his slow and gradual political come back. Judge me by the results Muscat says. We know them. A country which is run by Joseph Portelli and co., a murdered journalist, total collapse of rule of law, and no energy security. Blame it all on sanctions and NATO, Clyde.

I’m amazed at why people are still giving Labour the benefit of the doubt. Over and over again they tell you that they don’t care and their only motivation is their own self-preservation. So many of them are compromised with a shady past and so many of them are dependent on government pay-cheques that their fight has become a fight for survival. It is no longer a fight for the country but a fight for themselves to stay in power in perpetuity and create their ideal one-party authoritarian state.

By the way. Here is a basic tip for Clyde Caruana on food security. Instead of blaming it on NATO and the US, try doing an agricultural policy for once.

Here is another one.

Instead of paying a surplus profit to Electrogas through a corrupt contract designed by corrupt politicians and a major shareholder who is allegedly being accused of murdering a journalist, try making an energy policy instead. Try that with Shanghai Electric too.

Maybe, one day you can start governing the country like an adult instead of blaming your disaster and incompetence on others.

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