Russia’s European Ambassador: Olaf Scholz

Backed by his satellite incumbent at the European Commission, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is fighting Lithuania to open up its borders with Kaliningrad and allow the free passage of goods from the European Union. Germany seems to be the biggest exporter of goods to the Kaliningrad region. Latvia and Lithuania are accusing Germany and France of having a long track record of appeasing Putin and ignoring his hostilities in pursuing their own economic interest.

Amongst the big European countries, Germany and France have so far been the most lenient with Russia and the most reluctant to support Ukraine with weapons and sanctions against Russia. Yet, Scholz is in an even worse position than Macron given the reduced gas supplies from Russia are pushing the German economy to the brink. Germany is experiencing the full brunt of the Russian economic war, yet Scholz has remained obstinately reluctant to adopt a war-time mentality and consider Russia as a direct threat to European peace and security. Scholz is still in the denial stage of the break-up of his relationship with Russia, but Germany’s reluctance will only prolong the war in Ukraine. The greatest fear, apparently for the treacherous Scholz, is that Europe actually defeats Putin, charges him for war crimes and brings long-term peace and security to Europe. Any other case scenario would be a defeat for all of Europe.

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