The Rick and Morty Paedophile Scene on Twitter

Under federal law in the US, producing and disseminating pornographic content involving minors can land you from 10 years to 20 years in prison. Likely, in many countries paedophilia is a very serious criminal offence. Our societies consider paedophilia to be one of the most horrendous crimes possible, so I am quite shocked at how paedophilia is openly promoted on Twitter with thousands of accounts sharing and liking content which includes paedophilia. I have come to learn about the rampant paedophilia on Twitter through Rick and Morty.

Rick and Morty is a cartoon show about an old scientist who goes on adventures with his nephew. I have watched many of its episodes and I have never encountered any sign of paedophilia in the show, unless it is carefully crafted subliminal paedophile propaganda. One of its creators, Dan Harmon was responsible for a sketch where he raped a plastic baby: a sketch he regretted and apologised for. From my innocent eyes, Morty’s relationship with his grandfather is wholesome and normal: who wouldn’t love their crazy grandfather at the age of 14 if he takes you with him to inter-galactic missions. Many paedophiles on Twitter seem to have a different opinion and view Rick and Morty’s relationships as sexual and intimate.

There are countless accounts on Twitter producing graphic and cartoon art which show Rick and Morty having sex together. These accounts even take commissions and they share each other’s posts. Some of these accounts have more than ten thousand followers and they post graphic content of paedophilia on a daily and hourly basis. The volume is simply huge and literally scary to comprehend. Twitter can be a great educational tool but how safe is it for our children with so many paedophilies on it who openly share their illicit content?

If this isn’t shocking, there is more. Many of these paedophiles apparently invoked libertarianism to justify their actions implying and openly stating that what they do is their natural right. And they openly propagate their paedophile ideology too.

It’s beyond shocking how this is openly allowed on Twitter. Researching more on the subject I became even more shocked. Apparently, there are millions of paedophile-content-related posts on social media every year and Twitter seems to be doing a very bad job of identifying and removing paedophile content.

Twitter should be ramping up its capabilities to identify accounts promoting paedophilia and law-enforcement agencies should be strengthened to take more action against these disgusting crimes. How difficult can this be?

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