The adult in the room

Last week when a woman in Malta was put at risk of death and serious injury after being refused a life-saving abortion, our members of parliament went into hiding. Our Prime Minister was nowhere to be found and didn’t make any comment about the issue which everyone in Malta was talking about. The issue then made headlines across the world yet and still, Prime Minister Robert Abela remained conspicuously absent. A woman’s life was at risk and Malta’s name was tarnished worldwide with its own Draconian laws yet, no politician had the courage to stand up and be counted. Then there was Rosianne Cutajar, that corrupt politician who was bribed by Yorgen Fenech, who turned this case into a partisan mud-slinging match. “Where were you?” she screamed at Roberta Metsola.

Lucky for us we still have an adult in the room. Chris Fearne, the Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister of Health has today announced, on his own initiative and without approval from the Cabinet or the Prime Minister, that he will be reviewing Malta’s abortion laws. Fearne is practically doing what the Prime Minister and the Cabinet should have done immediately when the case was reported. He is doing it by himself with no backing whatsoever from his colleagues.

Guess what the Prime Minister is doing today? He introduced his daughter to President Biden during the NATO Summit in Madrid.


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