First step, public role. Second step, general election.

Joseph Muscat

I’m amazed at how people make the same mistake more than twice without being conscious of it. When Joseph Muscat became Labour Party leader the Nationalist Party choose not to take him seriously. Our leaders today, do the same mistake. No one blinked when Joseph Muscat said he wanted to make a comeback to politics and even context elections. I’m sure he is serious about it. Joseph Muscat has made his first step to enter politics again by taking on the leadership of the Malta Professional Football Clubs Association. If one would take Joseph Muscat seriously, one would assume that his next step would be to enter politics again. By the time he knocks on Labour’s door once again, Joseph Muscat would have entrenched his public profile especially if the authorities fail or refuse to take him to court.

I don’t need to enter into the merits of the decision. Maltese football is well-known to be riddled with corruption and by electing Joseph Muscat to represent them Maltese football clubs are only entrenching this perspective further. As for Muscat, he is definitely winning. Muscat’s new public role also coincides with the resignation of the police inspector working on his corruption cases.

Many Labour voters and activists are still blinded by Muscat and are therefore elated with this news. Robert Abela and his so called team may not be so happy to see Muscat to re-gain a public profile. Yet, this should have been expected by the flamboyant and not so smart leader. It’s what you get when you go into politics out of adventurism: the bad taste of your stupid decisions. Had Robert Abela and his government fixed our institutions, Joseph Muscat would already have been in jail by now, instead Joseph Muscat was protected by dysfunctional institutions.

Trust Robert Abela to keep fucking it up. Malta’s most corrupt politician in history is making a comeback.

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