The imbecilic acts of Rosianne Cutajar

Rosianne Cutajar, the corrupt politician who took a bribe from Yorgen Fenech, just gave a speech in parliament in favour of restricting Malta’s abortion laws and called out Roberta Metsola for failing to mention Malta’s latest case of a woman in Malta’s national hospital whose life was at risk after doctor’s refused her an abortion.

Rosianne Cutajar should know and learn that the President of the European Parliament is not allowed to speak on national issues, especially about national issues of her home country. Rosianne should know what is the role of a Parliament President because she is a parliamentarian herself. In addition, Rosianne should also know that Metsola committed herself to women’s free access to abortion before Rosianne ever found the opportunity to speak about it.

Instead, we should ask Rosianne, where were you Marlene Farrugia presented a bill on the decriminalization of abortion in parliament, yet you remained silent? Rosianne had ample chance to put forward her position back then, but she didn’t. Rosianne can’t speak about hypocrisy on this issue.

Word of advice to Rosianne. Don’t pick a fight against someone who is rather way above you in gravitas, intelligence, status and global recognition. Pick a fight against a pleb like me because that’s where your game is.

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