Attorney-General sabotages bribery case against ex-colleague

Attorney-General to the Mafia, Victoria Buttigieg

I prefer to pay attention to what they do not to what they say. I have always been a fan of the basics, the fundamentals and the material. There’s a huge gap between what Labour says and what it does in reality.

Before Charles Mercieca worked for Yorgen Fenech, he worked for the Attorney-General, yet not even this potential case of collusion has been investigated. Mercieca tried to bribe Times of Malta journalist Ivan Martin, but was cleared from the court due to a mistake in her charge sheet against Charles Mercieca. Charles Mercieca also happen to be the son of previous about MP and Minister Franco Mercieca.

So far, the government has successfully protected every single one of its members and none of them has ever been prosecuted or charged with bribery and corruption perpetuated under Joseph Muscat’s administration. The list is endless.

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