Undoing the collapse of rule of law

I greatly applaud today’s actions of NGO Repubblika which has initiated a court procedure demanding the police prosecute top Pilatus Bank officials over money laundering evidence.  The new police commissioner appointed by Robert Abela has so far failed to prosecute anyone over corruption and money laundering in relation to the Panama Papers scandal and Joseph Muscat’s corrupt administration. Repubblika’s actions may ensure that the police start doing their job.

Angelo Gafa would do well to remember how his predecessors are remembered by watching this interview with OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler. And Gafa knows very well. Police commissioner John Rizzo was taking John Dalli to court over corruption and bribery until he was fired and John Dalli was appointed government consultant in 2013. Dalli is today finally being prosecuted on a case which was compiled years ago. So far, Gafa has not compiled and prosecuted a corruption case which could mark his legacy.

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