The Malta Professional Football Clubs Association confirms that Malta is a Mafia State

In my podcast with Jon Mallia I had argued that Joseph Muscat will try to make a comeback in politics to protect himself from prosecution. Now he is literally making it. Joseph Muscat is set to head the Malta Professional Football Clubs Association.

This would have never happened had we had a Prime Minister who fixed our institutions. But here we are today, contending with Joseph Muscat’s return to politics.

The MPFCA is insane to want him to represent them. Maybe, this move gives us a better view of their mentality and composure which explains why we are so shit at football. If these people think that it is a good idea for Joseph Muscat to represent them then no wonder they can’t get it right.

And what is Joseph Muscat going to bring to the MPFCA? Does MPFCA understand that if Joseph Muscat gets hauled to court, Malta’s football scene will be tarnished permanently? Or maybe, they don’t care because they are all corrupt like him.

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