Labour’s latest fraudster: Valletta Mayor, Alfred Zammit

Alfred Żammit with another fraudster. Charles Farrugia who launders money for Rosianne Cutajar.

Some readers may wonder why I call them fraudsters. They are fraudsters because they do politics in their own interest to get more wealth and power. Alfred Żammit, Labour’s Valletta mayor is a long-time Labour propagandist who features on ONE and owns a restaurant in Valletta. During today’s Valleta Local Council meeting it transpired that the mayor Alfred Żammit did not inform his fellow council members of a meeting with the Ministry of Economy and the local council on the legal notice about the music schedule before it was published. The Ministry of Economy included Valletta in the list of places where music can be played until 1 am. The residents who are being pushed out of their homes by these changes were furious and attended the local council meeting to voice their anger about the situation. They were of course, flustered and frustrated that the mayor isn’t even looking out for their interest, but then again why would he if that’s not in his interest? The mayor led the session with a cringe-worthy style of self-aggrandisement as he yelled at fellow council members to “shut up” and referred to himself in the third person. It’s like Looney Tunes but real and with fraudsters and criminals instead.


  1. Thanks Mark for this blog and the regular updates. It would be good to know which restaurants/businesses are owned by these fraudsters (PL, PN, corrupt businessmen) so that to the extent possible we do not spend money there and do not help them to defraud Malta. I know that this would capture around 50% of the Mafia state, but a start of this list would be useful

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