No more pretenses

The government is no longer trying to make any pretences about not being a mafia state. The architect of the collapse of rule of law in Malta that enabled rampant corruption by Joseph Muscat and his cabal and the eventual murder of a journalist has been placed on the government’s payroll. Previous Attorney-General Peter Grech, a lying fraudster who covered up and enabled corrupt politicians and brought on this country its worst political crisis in history, is a consultant to the Justice Minister. They don’t even want to pretend that they are restoring rule of law and covering up for crooks and frauds. Maybe getting off the FATF’s Grey List is also bad news. If Labour is so emboldened to appoint Peter Grech as its consultant in the Justice Ministry, they may very well feel even more emboldened to indulge in further corruption, fraud and deceit now that Mata has been cleared off the Grey List.

The battle for Comino is a micro-example of what we are going through as a society. Public land is forfeited by the friends and family of Labour Ministers and MPs while the general public has to protest and work hard to defend and take back public space. It’s a constant struggle between civil society and government rent-seeking and corruption. It’s also a struggle between a Malta which has become old and is decaying and a new Malta fired up by young generations who dream of a better country. The differences are unbridgeable. The Prime Minister and the Labour Party engage in fraudulent discourse to cover up corruption and rent-seeking while young generations are increasingly preferring the truth. Fraud and stupidity on one side and hope, reason and rule of law on the other.

This struggle is being fought against the backdrop of the worst energy crisis since the 1970s, a war in Europe, and rising inflation. My argument has always been constant and my fears are also very material. Malta can not afford a Labour government because, at a time when we need rule of law and a serious government which is mindful of the serious challenges we face, Labour will be busy ruling by fraud, deceit and rampant rent-seeking. Today, we are living this very bizarre phase in our history where we are sowing recklessness to yield in the future further crises in governance and potentially also in our economy.

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