Why criminal lawyers are not reliable politicians and why Maria Efimova is telling the truth

Joe Giglio

Joe Giglio is one of Malta’s high-profile criminal lawyers. One of his clients was Pilatus Bank, and this is why Joe Giglio has a conflict of interest in the matter and is not reliable when speaking on Maria Efimova’s case. Joe Giglio should by now understand what conflict of interest means in politics unless he is explicitly and intentionally using his political position to work for his clients.

I am trying to make reference to Daphne’s work on Maria Efimova’s story but somehow the website is not working for me. You can search her name on http://www.daphnecaruanagalizia.com for the full story. Allow me to give a quick recap. Basically, Maria Efimova’s story is very simple and straight forward and she is right in her claims that Michelle Muscat had a shell company in Panama.

Maria Efimova was a Pilatus Bank employee who was dissatisfied with her bad working conditions and how the bank treated her. Eventually, Maria Efimova became the whistle-blower who announced that Nexia BT had opened a shell company in Panama for Michelle Muscat The signatory to Michelle Muscat was Jacqueline Alexander from Panama who served as the signee to clients opening shell companies in Panama with Mossack Fonseca. A declaration of trust with Michelle Muscat’s name denoting her as the nominee to the shell company called Egrant, was deposited at Pilatus Bank and Maria Efimova had a copy. Joseph Muscat claimed that the signature of Michelle Muscat was forged and he was framed.

He was framed, my ass. It was Jacqueline Alexander’s job to serve as the signee to thousands of company owners laundering their money. By signing in the name of company owners without any approved notarial document, company owners can always claim that they were framed. It’s a very convenient way to cover up the company owners and serves as a safety valve.

Strange and bizarre how despite the fact that Brian Tonna framed Joseph Muscat, he still kept giving him hundreds of thousands of Euros worth of public contracts.

What a brazen liar. Spectacular that he is still not in jail. Pakistan, a third-world country, jailed ex-premier Nawaz Sharif for laundering money with shell companies in Panama. Malta is still trying to catch up.

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