Making Labour redundant

Today, Moviment Graffitti went to Comino and cleared the Blue Lagoon from deckchairs and umbrellas. Malta has a history of beach expropriation by rent-seekers who make money from public beaches irregularly by covering them with deckchairs and umbrellas. Instead of ensuring that public beaches are accessible and available to all of us, Labour has empowered these rent-seekers further with more beaches expropriated as a result, the latest being Blue Lagoon.

Why do we need a Labour government if every progressive development in the field of justice, the environment and our public spaces are driven not by the supposedly social-democrat government, but by civil society?

Labour has become useful only to criminals and rent-seekers and does not have a progressive agenda. It has become useless except for criminals and it sits in government like a parasite which sucks the energy and resources of our hard-working people to its own criminal and rent-seeking ends.

We don’t need it.

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