Labour’s media fraud

Labour uses its media to propagate fraudulent narratives and outright lies and this is of course logical to them given that Labour’s politics is based on fraud and lies. So, just like anything else, Labour is spinning the cases of Rosianne Cutajar against me with unbridled lies, fraud and deceit.

Labour’s main tactic to defend Rosianne Cutajar is to obfuscate the cases she started in an attempt to confuse the public on the nature of the cases themselves. Rosianne Cutajar opened two cases against me. One case is a civil libel and the other case is a criminal complaint on what she calls “harassment” for a public Facebook post. The latter case is equivalent to a traffic contravention. Given that I am not appearing in the latter case, Labour is giving the impression and perpetuating the lie that I don’t have evidence to back up my claims and that I am failing to attend court cases because “I am scared”. This narrative is mainly perpetuated by pro-Labour propaganda website Strada Rjali and of course, by ONE News.

Conveniently, Labour is refusing to report that I was not present in Malta for each and every sitting, yet. A journalist would feel a sense of solidarity with a fellow journalist who would apparently be asked to return to his home country exclusively for a court case by a corrupt politician claiming “harassment”, only that these frauds are not journalists. Strada Rjali owner, Clifford Galea (pictured above) was a history teacher and coke addict who missed lessons because of his addiction. Eventually, having been unfit to serve as a teacher any longer, he transformed himself into a Labour propagandist.

On the other hand, Labour should have reported that I already published evidence backing my claims while Labour is refusing to claim that the publication of evidence has also been banned by the magistrate presiding over the state’s case against Yorgen Fenech. Labour is also refusing to report that I will be present for the next sitting of the libel case during which the magistrate ordered me to start presenting the evidence.

I may be obliged to explore the possibility of instituting defamation cases against ONE and Strada Rjali if they continue to obfuscate these cases by failing to report that I will be present at the next sitting of the libel case.

Meanwhile, there is no statement or position by the government’s sham press consultation committee on Rosianne Cutajar’s abusive use of harassment law against a journalist.

I will be attending the sitting for the libel case because I intend to win it for political purposes and eventually make the case for Rosianne Cutajar’s resignation from parliament, her criminal arrest and investigation. As for the criminal “harassment” case, I may not be able to attend these sittings at all if it happens that the date of the sitting is on the same day I happen to be abroad. This case is politically inconsequential, and won’t matter to me in material terms if I lose it, but I still don’t intend to lose the case. There is nothing immoral or cowardly of me to fail to attend the sittings for the criminal case because it is a sham case only intended to bully me into silence. Rosianne can go fuck herself for all I care and report this as well. Readers should be reminded as well that Rosianne opened her cases after she threatened me into silence and I replied by publishing evidence of her intimate relationship with Yorgen Fenech.

The obfuscation of justice has started with the fact that Rosianne Cutajar wasn’t taken to court for corruption, bribery and money laundering and Rosianne Cutajar should not be in a position to institute these kinds of cases against journalists. She should be in jail.

ONE’s fraudulent TV report.


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