Europe’s LNG hub in the Med will be Cyprus not Malta

Miriam Dalli. Super ONE journalist and Minister of Energy.

Yes, indeed. Europe’s LNG hub for Europe in the Mediterranean will be Cyprus, not Malta and it’s all over the EU’s plans to import gas from the Near East. Malta does not feature in the EU’s plans for LNG. It’s all about Cyprus bringing in gas from the East.

Now, think about this. Would Jonathan Cardona and Monica Farrugia have been able to obtain six-figure salaries managing a major European energy company? Of course, not. They wouldn’t even be considered for an analyst position with an energy company given they have no qualifications or experience in energy. In Malta, they are given six-figure salaries to run the government’s energy company so that they can keep the lid on government corruption in the energy sector.

Meanwhile, the government is still spending hundreds of millions of Euros per week on energy and fuel subsidies. Maybe, it is about time that Minister of Finance Clyde Caruana gives us a clear picture of our energy sector since we are not getting anything from Miriam Dalli. Her energy dealings with Malta’s government energy company are “commercial secrets”.

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