From Mafia State To Failed State

Miriam Dalli. Super ONE journalist and Minister of Energy.

We are just months past of a general election and we are already at the stage where we see the direct and material result of the politics of this government. My theory and arguments have always been consistent. Before the election I argued that Robert Abela’s government will accelerate the collapse of rule of law, the economy will become increasingly dependent on public spending and our public institutions will continue to get looted and wrecked. Social mobility will decrease as rent-seeking is entrenched while property prices keep going higher in the medium and long-term and the economy keeps producing mostly precarious and low-paying jobs. As these processes accelerate under Robert Abela’s administration, we are slowly developing into a failed state, and our modernising dream becomes a nightmare from which we need to wake up from.

The collapse of rule of law is first of all felt tangibly on a day to day basis. For example, in Malta exists impunity over road kills and traffic accidents brought by negligence. The previous Justice Minister Owen Bonnici even reduced the minimum punishment to the criminal punishment for killing a person by negligent driving. Especially if you drive a motorcycle in Malta, you can get killed by criminal neglect and nothing will happen. The police won’t back you up if you have family victims who died from road accidents. We have a justice system geared in favour of criminals in a Jungle Rules system. This is good for Labour because it allows it to cover up for its corrupt members and indulges in renewed corruption and looting of public resources.

The collapse of rule of law by Labour is of course intentional since it helps to conserve the corrupt networks and the rent-seeking regime. Politicians who indulged in gross corruption, opening up shell companies in Panama and planning bribes and corrupt deals, like Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi have yet to still be brought to justice. The attorney-general is not trusted by practically anyone, yet the government brings up fraudulent arguments on her “independence” to back her up. But in reality, we know that she never was independent and always did the bidding of criminals, so why should we expect her to be independent today? And even if she is “independent”, the corrupt Justice Minister’s argument is obfuscating the part that she willfully will do what her Justice Minister expects from her given all she aims for is to keep her job. If the attorney-general wants to keep her job, she must make her corrupt masters happy. Think about it. Why would an attorney-general retain her post in such a historic and unprecedented rule of law crisis when she is basically not trusted by anyone except for the justice minister and the Labour government? It’s not just the six-figure salary which she rakes in which she has no chance of ever getting elsewhere unless she does a Charles Mercieca and goes to work for top-Maltese criminals. She is a gross spectacle of rent-seeking and opportunism and is clutching at her only form of power before history catches up with her and puts her in her place: The Emperor has no clothes. A legacy of covering up for political criminals and corruption. Next in line in the list of institutions which are set to get wrecked is the Pariament.  Now, Labour intends to reduce Parliament’s effectiveness as well. After re-appointing the vacuous and pompous buffoon Angġlu Farrugua as Speaker of Parliament against the Opposition’s demands to find a more suitable candidate, Labour and Anġlu Farrugia will coordinate together to trim-down parliamentary discourses.

Sooner than later, however, we are going to learn the hard way how a government of rent-seekers and Labour propagandists will wreck the country and hurt us tangibly. They are going to keep developing Malta into a shabby ugly town filled with over-priced apartments while they keep ruining the environment. Forget about the agricultural sector because what remains of it, will be lost as well. Ican add much more to the list but, I think what will be the moment of reckoning is when the technocrats (what has been left of them) at the Ministry of Finance will finally realise that Malta’s energy company Enamalta, needs an overhaul and restructuring. See, during the world’s biggest energy crisis in the 1970s, the Labour government appointed Labour propagandists with six-figure salaries to run the government’s energy company. Super ONE Labour propagandist Miriam Dalli is keeping all of Enemalta’s activities secret, while the company gets wrecked. It’s even remarkable to me how shameless they are in their corruption and rent-seeking. Amongst all companies they had to use our energy company to dish out favours to Labour propagandists: they can’t even being to conceive of the seriousness of the world’s problems today and have no awareness of what the world is going through today. Oil is going up by more than $120 and they are like “Let’s give our friend Jonathan Cardona 160K so we keep the lid on Malta’s energy corruption and for Monica Farrugia €100K a year from to sit on the board as an executive so she can inform OPM of what other board members are saying.” Don’t worry though about the crisis Enamalta is in. Miriam Dalli will come and tell you about our bright and green future. Truly, what a bunch of frauds.

It’s insane really. Every time someone accuses me of hyperbole, Labour pulls another rabbit out of its hat proving me right.

When I finish my novel, soon, after going back and forth with my editor, I will be focusing more on my argument by digging more into the economy. I’m afraid to say that even there I will be proven right.


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  1. There’s something about this photo of Miriam Dalli that you keep using that makes me feel uneasy. She looks like some kind of lizard person.

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