Still a Mafia State

Attorney-General to the Mafia, Victoria Buttigieg
This aged really well

The news of last week that the attorney-general and the police slept on a European Arrest Warrant of Iosif Gaea shocked the nation. Iosif Galea a previous Malta Gaming Authority employee, wanted on money laundering charges by Germany was arrested while holidaying with Joseph Muscat and his wife in Italy. Iosif Galea’s partner was Michelle Muscat’s personal assistant and accompanying Joseph Muscat on the same holiday in Italy was a previous Malta Security Services official. Arnold Cassola is also claiming that the secretary of the attorney-general is Michelle Muscat’s cousin.

Today, the news broke out that Christian Borg, the man charged with money laundering who did a business deal with Prim Minister Robert Abela over a Zabbar plot which potentially involved insider trading at the Planning Authority, is set to win a tender to chauffer Malta’s magistrates and judges. It’s remarkable how Labour finds way to sabotage the justice system.

Ever since I started writing on this website on a regular basis, my arguments have been consistent. Robert Abela took power to keep everything the same, and change faces while keeping the rent-seeking regime. No case of government corruption has so far been put forward to the courts despite the various criminal cases filed, and I wonder why anyone would expect otherwise given that the attorney-general’s past actions are all consistent with covering up corrupt politicians. The police commissioner, Angelo Gafa was the chosen CEO of the police corps under Joseph Muscat’s administration. And Labour is very clear and explicit in its aim to cover up corruption, just as they try to sabotage the hearings of the public accounts committee on the corrupt Electrogas deal.  Over and over again, Robert Abela and his government are making it absolutely clear where they stand on corruption – they are covering it up. I don’t think there are ways in which they can be more clear in what they are trying to do and they are being very consistent in this. I suppose that by now, the window for the benefit of the doubt has closed indefinitely. They are all in this together covering up for each other.

A system based on fraud and deceit is unsustainable and we are currently watching in real-time the continued collapse of our institutions. Over time, it will only get worse.

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