I think this is called clinical anxiety. Any psychologists would like to weigh in?

A couple of days ago, the corrupt and previous Justice Minister who ingratiated and begged Yorgen Fenech for attention whilst defending him over 17 Black and his corruption, was on ONE’s main propaganda show giving what may very well be a typical example of clinical anxiety added with some delusion. Would any psychologists like to weigh in? He looks stressed, anxious and worried and is starting to believe his own delusions.

He is a veteran of politics, he says. He hasn’t even made ten years in parliament, yet he thinks he is a veteran. He also thinks he is very competent as well, despite having a reputation for being the worst minister in Joseph Muscat’s cabinet and having been demoted several times, so he feels entitled to say that Beppe Fenech Adami and Mark Anthony Sammut of the Nationalist Party are incompetent. He concludes by saying that the Nationalist Party deserves to be attacked because “they deserve it”.  The person next to him, apparently embarrassed by this stupid performance, said “he is on fire today.”

Maybe he is on fire, indeed, but not that kind of fire. Maybe he feels his pants are burning and is trying to appeall to the same Ġaħan constituency that he ridiculed with Yorgen Fenech.

And then they tell you to vote Labour, so that it is not replaced by the pathological. Pathetic.

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