Rational doom by Soros

George Soros gave a humble, simple yet insightful speech on the current conflict between his age-old theory of a word divided between open and closed societies.

He ends his speech with some rational doom saying that our fight against climate change, an existential threat to our civilization, has taken the back seat due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For this reason, he said that Putin should be defeated as soon as possible.

Theoretically, the underlying premise behind his argument would be that if the world is busy fighting warring dictators, it will fail to address the pressing problem of climate change. This also means that a world without the rule of law will not be able to survive given it will be distracted by perpetual conflicts.

Soros makes an extreme argument in favour of rule of law worldwide, and if we accept the fact that climate change is an existential threat, he is inevitably right. Soros’ argument also talipes with Kasparov’s risk assessment of Putin: if Putin isn’t defeated now, the risks tomorrow only grow bigger.

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