Busy finishing my novel

I apologise to my readers for not posting as frequently and for not being as active as I used to be on this website.

Currently, I am finishing my novel which I intend to publish in July. The launch of the novel will also coincide with some website updates to keep expanding it further.

For November, coinciding with the Mata Book Festival, I intend to publish my research on the history of Tumas Group.

Those who have bought my NFT of my book, A Rent Seekers Paradise last September, may be happy to know that I have burnt all the unsold copies and only three unsold copies remain in my online wallet. No more copies of the book will be published this means that there are only 16 copies of the Ebook online each marked with a unique serial number.

Meanwhile, thank you all for your support which I appreciate greatly.


  1. Mark – I am curious, and unsure if you are being ironic. Why did you burn the unsold copies and why do you think those of us, like me, who bought a copy would be “happy”?

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