Varist’s “pathological”

Once again, I make reference to Evarist Bartolo’s comment warning us about the far-right garnering more influence in politics as voters lose trust in the main political parties. Varist’ argument goes that as voters lose trust in the mainstream and traditional parties, the pathological, such as for example Norman Lowell will gain more influence.

I argue the contrary. Labour has become so pathological that voters who are excessively rational will find it increasingly difficult to vote for it.

This, for example, is Malta’s Justice Minister, Jonathan Attard, speaking after the Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption’s (GRECO) damning report on Malta. Amongst many other things the GRECO reports mentions are that the Maltese government failed to introduce an anti-corruption strategy, impunity amongst a top circle of businessmen and politicians runs high and the government implemented only two out of twenty-three recommendations.

The response by Justice Minister Jonathan Attard? The PN did worse than Labour. Indeed, during PN a Prime Minister had to resign because he was implicated in the murder of a journalist along with his chief of staff, or was that under Labour?

Labour has been telling you explicitly over and over again that it has no regrets for its past sins and that in Malta there is no rule of law crisis. They can’t be more clear in their message ringing loud and clear: I DON’T CARE. There is a huge gap between what the members of the government believe and what they try to project during an election campaign. Now, they don’t need to pretend. For them, its just an infantile game of pretending and clownish behaviour.

And there won’t be the moment when they will learn, grow and get better. They are very intransigent in their historical innocence and it also ties with their survival. As soon as they start telling it as it is the house of cards will collapse. Consider the long list of corrupt police officers and corrupt politicians who haven’t been prosecuted yet. Then consider the secretive way our government goes about our energy policy because it is full of corruption and they don’t want you to know. Or, maybe consider also the very fact who the Justice Minister is: a Labour propagandist working for ONE who for that reason apparently he was good enough to bill clients exorbitant amounts of fees while receiving lucrative government contracts. One wonders how a freshly new graduate would find clients who would be able to pay a big premium for his services. What’s behind the premium? Maybe, if he is so good, he will turn Malta into a beacon of rule of law in the world and Robert Abela can truly go around the world and say that we are simply the best

Once again, I like Varist’s argument about the pathological. We are living in pathological times indeed. An infant rent-seeker and dumb as they come to solve the rule of law crisis and our broken justice system. And this, is supposed to be normal.

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  1. I think this is called clinical anxiety. Any psychologists would like to weigh in? – Mark Camilleri

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