The police investigating the police

Just another day and just another fraud in the rent-seekers paradise as the Minister of the Interior has announced that the police will be investigating themselves for failing to arrest a wanted man by Germany after a European Arrest Warrant was issued against him. The man in question, Iosif Galea, was allowed to leave Malta for Italy and was then arrested in Italy while holidaying with a group of friends which included the Muscats. Iosif Galea, previously a John Dalli associate is wanted by Italy and Germany on charges of tax evasion and money laundering. Iosif Galea’s partner, Maria Grech used to be employed as an assistant to Michelle Muscat, Joseph Muscat’s wife. Apparently, it’s been quite a few years since the Italian authorities have been investigating Iosif Galea, so probably it’s been quite some time as well since the Maltese police were informed about him by the Italian authorities. Malta’s police could have been covering up for Iosif Galea much longer. This is also not the first time that Maltese wanted criminals were arrested by foreign authorities. Darren Deobono, the Maltese dirty oil trader was arrested by the Italians in 2017 and only later faced charges of money laundering in Malta.

However, it’s not only the police who may be the cause of impunity. The attorney-general who holds a degree of influence over who gets prosecuted and not is a previous fixture of the Joseph Muscat criminal system – not as an active participant of his clique, but as a loyal bureaucrat who forced his will, repeatedly while breaking her public trust and defending outright criminality. It all sounds hyperbolic when compared to the fraudulent narratives of the government but in the material terms, it is quite exactly and accurately true, such as when the now attorney-general defended Silvio Valletta’s lead of the case on Daphne’s murder despite his explicit conflict of interest. Silvio Valletta was later found to have been bribed and corrupted by Yorgen Fenech while he updated him on investigations. The government wants to tell us that everything is normal and as it should be. We are even making great progress on rule of law, the Prime Minister says.

Recently, Evarist Bartolo penned an article in the Times of Malta saying that Labour has to seek out the ever-increasing number of disenfranchised voters. Otherwise, he says, politics would be left vulnerable to fringe “pathological” groups, probably referring to explicit fascist groups like Norman Lowell’s. Varist, would have been more accurate to say that the “pathological” has already become normalized, and inversely that is why there is an ever-increasing number of rational voters who refuse to vote Labour or PN. Varist doesn’t get it though, since he is too self-interested to admit the truth, just like he couldn’t admit that Alfred Sant’s “erbaħna r-referendum” was another fraudulent argument.

There is nothing normal about this government, our justice system and our economy. The faster we come to terms with reality and start accepting it, the faster we will find solutions to our ever-growing fraudulent morass.


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