Not in your interest to know

Miriam Dalli. Super ONE journalist and Minister of Energy.

In Malta, the government doesn’t want to tell us citizens how much it is buying our energy because it is “a commercial secret”. Malta’s only energy buyer and distributor is Enemalta which is owned by the government but China has a 33% stake in it.

1000 Idea Manifesto has you sorted – don’t worry. It’s not in your interest to know and you shouldn’t ask questions. Super One propagandist and Energy Minister, Miriam Dalli has everything under control.

Let me be a bit serious for the sake of the less discerning reader. It is in our interest to know and we should know what Enemalta is doing because it is public property. The reason why they hide details is not because of commercial secrets and whatnot – it is because they fraudulently hide their incompetence, corruption and recklessness. And they fear a public that knows. Labour runs the country like its private fiefdom and they have no idea what “good governance” means. Mostly it is more fraud on piles of fraud.

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