Robert Abela’s legacy: normalising conflict of interest

Some of my critics accuse me of hyperbole especially on my theory that rent-seeking and the rule of law crisis will only get worse. Well, it’s already getting worse.

Minister of Animals and Fisheries, Alice Bugeja Said has denied she did any wrongdoing after she received donations from the local tuna industry for her debut political campaign. She previously worked in the fisheries department, so most probably she was already privy to the tun industry before and the tuna industry trusts her to do their bidding, and now, she is in charge of their regulator.

There is another question which Alice should be asked.  Did Robert Abela promise you the fisheries portfolio before the election and that is why the tun industry chose to fund your campaign?

In that case, why would the tuna industry fund your political campaign if they did not know you were getting the fisheries portfolio?

There is no coincidence, here. The government’s main attitude to everything it does is ripe with fraud and fraud has become the norm in Labour’s politics and in everything they say. Rent-seeking has become so rampant that conflict of interest is now acceptable in the top ranks of the government. Alice is so brazen about it that she thinks it’s normal and acceptable – a bit perplexing, but not really. She is encouraged by the corrupt environment of the Labour Party where this blatant rent-seeking has become the norm.

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