Our woman in Davos

Roberta Metsola is in Davos right now, discussing with world and business leaders. Today, she was on a panel with Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s President. Ask Robert Abela about Davos and I’m 100% sure he doesn’t know what it is, but now he will know because his minions read my blog. For conspiracy theorists, Davos is where the lizardmen meet to decide the fate of the world. In the real world, it’s just a talking shop of the World Economic Forum for rich people, but can be good for contacts and backroom discussions. Having a pass to Davos means you will have access to the most powerful people on Earth.

There is a huge chasm between Labour and Roberta Metsola right now. For the first time in many years, thanks to Metsola we have a decent statesperson who knows and understands the world and is capable of running a big organization. Currently, Metsola is the only high-profile Maltese person in an official political role who can show her face to the world without making us feel ashamed. She contrasts herself with the carnival of rent-seeking ambassadors that represent us and for this reason, she gives us hope that a better future for Malta is possible. Her success tells us that we too can have one day the possibility to be governed by serious people and live in a normal country.

Malta’s Ambassador to the UK and dirty oil trader Emmanuel Mallia.



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