Alicia Bugeja Said is a fraud

Following the comments of the Animals Rights Minister, Alicia Bugeja Said, that people in Malta hunt for food purposes, she is now arguing that rich Maltese men will be allowed to trade and keep tigers and other dangerous exotic animals for “research purposes”.

You would have thought that voting in young Labour MPs with Phds would bring in some intelligence and progressive policies, instead, they are just fraudsters conjuring up pseudo-science to justify reckless behaviour and rent-seeking.

So, in Malta, we have some rich men who irregularly keep and trade in exotic and dangerous animals such as tigers and lions. Some politicians like Alexander Saliba have even encouraged this practice by visiting these pseudo-zoos.

There is a lot of cruelty involved in this practice, no matter what they tell you about how domesticated the animals are – it doesn’t make a difference. It’s a cruel practice of captivity that only serves the narcissistic and sociopathic traits of the owner. It is also a gross privilege which comes with a lot of risks and costs for the rest of society.

The right thing to do is to ban the practice outright and altogether. However, Alicia Bugeja Said has conjured a way to appease a couple of narcissists and allow them to trade and keep tigers for “research purposes.”

Welcome to jungle rules.

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