Abusing feminism 101

Rosianne Cutajar comes out as a compulsive liar with serious narcissistic traits. Think about it. Why would she sue me to court over my statement of her intimate relationship with Yorgen if I already published proof about it and everyone knows it is true? It’s her narcissism which betrays her audacity because only by being narcissistic would she fail to realise how stupid and dumb she looks in front of everyone who can see through her.

Rosianne Cutajar is trying to push the feminist cause in parliament. Whatever she says, there is nothing which can save her reputation and her eventual downfall from politics as the corrupt and criminal operator she is.

So it is not surprising that Rosianne’s feminism is only opportunistic and selective. She was nowhere to be found when Chris Cardona, a Joe and sex industry punter,  allowed the highly irregular, criminal and shady massage parlour industry in Malta to flourish without constraints.

For Rosianne Cutajar, feminism is the life-saving jacket of her career as she tries to float in the swamp of shit she is mired in.



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