How is this even allowed by the Medical Council?

Jungle rules culture is pervasive in Malta even in the supposed “respectable professions”.

How is it acceptable by the Medical Council and also the Dentists’ Council for a dentist not only to give medical advice on birth but to run a birth clinic which gives out medical advice by non-medical professionals? This vigilante-anti-abortion style centre is also funded by the government.

Some people accuse me of exaggerating when I tell them that the country is going backwards in all its aspects. Dom Mintoff would have had offered some brutal honesty in response to this maniac encouraging women to have as many as nine children and more. He would have picked up one of his 1960s sermons from his sexual education section and said

“U la Alla lilkom bagħatkom bniedmin u mhux fniek, m’hemmx għalfejn trabbu u tagħmlu tfal qiskom fniek, għax m’intomx fniek.”

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