Celebrating two years of successes with Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa

Following Angelo Gafa’s visit to a VIP stand at an Italian football match, I have listed some successes by the new Police Commissioner, Angelo Gafa under his tenure during the last two years. Incredible performance, what do you think?

No cases were brought forward on political corruption

Angelo Gafa has successfully failed to bring to court one single politician who is being accused of corruption. Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi got away by trying to earn €5,000 every day from the Electrogas contract. Joseph and Michelle Muscat got away with allegedly trying to open a shell company in Panama called Egrant. Edward Żammit  Lewis got away with defending Yorgen Fenech’s corruption and conspiring with him Rosianne Cutajar got away by taking a bribe from Yorgen Fenech, and laundering it through her political canvasser. No cases of corruption were brought forward on the Vital Hospitals scam.

No cases were brought forward on the corruption of police officers who abetted corruption and sabotaged investigations

Do you remember Ian Abdilla? The assistant police commissioner and head of the Economic Crimes Unit who covered up for Keith Schembri and sabotaged investigations on 17 Black? Good news, everyone. He has not been charged with collusion and abetting criminal activity. He is enjoying his retirement along with other corrupt police officers like previous police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar. So is Silvio Valetta the corrupt police officer who was in cahoots with Yorgen Fenech. What a wonderful world.

A doctor was arrested for prescribing medical cannabis, legally

Lo and behold the terror of society is upon us. As soon as laws were passed that partially criminalised the use of cannabis in Malta, Dr Andrew Agius had his business and reputation ruined by the police, probably at the benefit of his competitors, for prescribing medical marijuana, legally. Society is now much safer, thank you.

I was criminally charged with harassing Rosianne Cutajar

Rosianne Cutajar availed herself of her right to institute libel proceedings against me but she also filed a police report that I was harassing her for publicly stating that she had an intimate relationship with Yorgen Fenech. I have yet to attend a court sitting for this stupid case as I have been abroad during the dates of the hearing. Congratulations once again Malta Police, society is much safer now with this great perversion of justice. Inter champions forever, bro!

Emmanuel Mallia, involved in dirty oil trading was allowed to become Malta’s ambassador to the UK

Apparently, police investigations on Emmanuel Mallia’s alleged money laundering and dirty oil trading have not led to his prosecution, so he was instead made ambassador to the UK. Society is now juster and safer.

This mess is also brought to you gently by the Attorney General, Victoria Buttigieg who previously as Deputy Attorney-General defended corrupt police officer Sivio Valletta and even allowed Konrad Mizzi to bypass parliament over the Electrogas deal. What a wonderful world.

NB: The case brought against Keith Schembri on his corruption over the Allied deal was instituted by a request by then Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil to an inquiring magistrate. The case against John Dalli was ready by 2013 and he is being brought to justice only now. Similarly Keith Schembri’s cousin, Ryan Schembri is only being brought late.

So, once again, what is Angeo Gafa celebrating, exactly?

PS: A woman who reported her husband for domestic violence to the police 12 times, is still being prosecuted for attempted murder for defending herself as her husband tried to rape her. The husband doesn’t seem to be even interested in pursuing the case. Society will be safer.

Bullies with the weak, and weak with the bullies may be Angeo Gafa’s new motto.

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