What is Gafa celebrating, exactly?

Recently, Manuel Delia uploaded a photo of police commissioner Angelo Gafa watching a football game at the VIP stand with the top brass of the Italian team, Inter. I’ve sent Gafa some questions about his trip which he did not reply to.

Gafa may be another typical government bureaucrat who thinks that as long as something is not illegal, it is okay. There may be nothing wrong, technically or ethically with him getting VIP access to a football game with his favourite heroes, even though it sounds a bit infantile for a man of his position. A typical Maltese sucker who can’t keep his dignity when he is with foreigners. Does he understand that as a country’s police chief he should preserve his dignity instead of ingratiating with a foreign football team? Seems not. However, there may be an undue influence if Gafa was rewarded this seat as a gift and that is why Gafa should come clear on his trip.

What is more telling about this is his character. What was he thinking going to watch a game at a VIP stand after Labour won the general elections? What is he celebrating, exactly? He thinks that it is fine for a police commissioner who has inherited a corrupt police force and a country going through a total collapse of rule of law to be seen abroad on a holiday – well it isn’t. Gafa hasn’t delivered one single political corruption case to the court of his making, so why would he celebrate? “Mhux, xorta, mhux kulħadd għandu bżonn holiday?” The nerve, the fraud and stupidity, as usual. It shows complete insensitivity on his side and a lack of perspective on what is really at stake in Malta, right now.

There is another thing. This thing of Maltese politicians salivating and ingratiating with foreign football teams should stop and should be protocol. Government executives should be included as well in this restriction. Public servants and officials are paid from public funds to serve the public and by ingratiating and showing support to foreign football teams, they make a mockery out of their own local football clubs and our national team. It is about time that we should start getting serious about public service. If you want to indulge in your private fantasies and hobbies publicly then you may be very free to do so on your own when you don’t form part of the top leadership of our country. Members of Parliament and government executives should be banned from watching football games of foreign clubs. You are paid to serve the country and hold our flag high, not to cheer a foreign football club.

What fucking trash, really. Our politicians and government executives think this is a joke and “kollox jgħaddi.”

And what’s this obsession with police commissioners and Inter? The previous failed and the corrupt police commissioner was also obssessed with Inter.

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