Tony Sultana fired the IT technician who investigated Egrant

Tony Sultana, the new head of the civil service, is not just a loyal Labour stooge and one of the worst-performing executives in the public sector, he is also a dirty operator who was very close to Joseph Muscat.

Tony Sultana fired MITA’s CTO, Godwin Caruana when the latter was appointed by a magistrate to help him investigate the claim that Michelle Muscat had a shell company in Panama called Egrant. The Egrant story was broken by Daphne Caruana Galizia and Joseph Muscat consistently denied the allegations saying the document which denoted the company to his wife’s name was falsified. Muscat’s denial is deceiving because shell companies in Panama were not registered manually by their owners, but by a clerk who signed in their name, and in this case, it was, Jacqueline Alexander. Malta’s police force allowed Joseph Muscat to get away with this lie as if someone from Panama would have taken the trouble to forge his wife’s signature to create a company which coincidentally was administered by his own corrupt account Brian Tonna.

Now, imagine if the police had done their job properly and brought Joseph Muscat and his wife to justice for allegedly opening a shell company in Panama to launder money. Would you think that in that case, Tony Sultana would be able to take the top post of the civil service? Of course not, he would be in line waiting to be investigated and potentially prosecuted for abetting corruption and potentially interfering in investigations.

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  1. Just a clarification: Godwin Caruana is not just an IT technician but holds a PhD in Computer Science and is also a lecturer at the University of Malta, so is somebody who understands a thing or two in IT.

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