One week into a Labour government: a Minister under police investigation and violence

It’s going to be a wild five years with a government administration run by ONE propagandists, village lawyers and corrupt officials who are emboldened to keep grinding for the rent-seeking regime. They feel they have been awarded the right to plunder and ruin the country on their own terms, and anyone who will oppose them will face serious repercussions.

We are already just days off from the inauguration of Parliament and already, one Labour minister is under police investigation. Anton Refalo, Minister of Agriculture is refusing to give answers to the press on a historic British stone marker which he illegally owns. All is normal in the Rent Seekers Paradise. A minister allegedly steals a heritage item and is investigated by the police about it, yet the minister doesn’t feel the obligation to explain. Why would he? Labour has won the election and they can do whatever they want.

The worst elements and scumbags of society now, also feel empowered to use violence. The director of the police academy has literally incited people to throw eggs at government’s opponents, yet he still retains his post. Then we had a case where one of the leaders of the hunters’ lobby assaulted a government official and no charges were pressed against him.

This is all just in the span of ten days.

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