A new hope

Roberta Metsoa has recently announced she will be contesting the MEP elections in 2024. Metsola’ term as president of the European Parliament will come to an end and therefore she would need to get re-elected as an MEP before she even has the possibility to be re-considered once again as Parliament’s President. This means that Robert Metsola will be on the campaign trail in Malta and her presence amongst us will re-ignite our hope that a better Malta is possible. A big number to her re-election in the European Parliament would also serve as a protest vote against our government,

There is no doubt I will be offering her my full support, but I am not supporting her just for Europe. Like many people in Malta, I would like to see her come back down to the rock and lead us out of our predicament. She may very well be our only hope to defeat the Labour Party in the general election and install a pro-European government, re-establish rule of law, re-establish the right to speak without fear of retribution and re-ignite sustainable economic growth with foreign direct investment. Our international reputation will be recovered and we will position ourselves once again as a modern European nation.

Meanwhile, we have to contend with state and economic decay, and a government that acts as the unwitting spokesperson of Vladimir Putin at the EU level.

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