Labour is turning Malta from a failed state to a rogue state

Many people wondered why our government would invite the Ukrainian President to speak to Parliament only to insult him repeatedly. Zelenskyy’s irritation was evident as he was insulted live in front of our nation. Still, he kept calm and composed as he replied to our insults with great diplomacy.

The Speaker of the House, the incompetent and unfit for purpose Anġlu Farrugia welcome Zelenskyy by describing Russia’s war on Ukraine as “a conflict”. Zelenskyy corrected him immediately before starting his address and went on to ask Malta to stop buying Russian oil, stop selling golden passports and block Russians from using Malta to hide from international sanctions. Prime Minister Robert Abela replied with a barrage of verbose ONE rhetoric and fraudulent statements saying Malta will respect and enforce EU sanctions, while at the same taking a position against the introduction of said sanctions. Abela dried up his speech with more verbiage about how the war in Ukraine is affecting everyone making implicit references to inflation and high energy prices because of course, our prime minister doesn’t understand that it would have been completely inappropriate to make such statements during such an event. Robert Abela stopped short of supporting Ukraine’s EU membership bid, contrary to the Nationalist Party which has taken a strong position in favour  Ukraine joining the EU. The Department of Information even released a statement omitting completely what Zelenskyy had said.

People would wonder why the Maltese government would invite Zelenskyy into our house just to insult him. Many would assume it is outright stupidity and it is, but there is also another important aspect to this. Ukraine is the second biggest country in Europe in terms of population size and if it joins the EU it will change the balance of power in the EU which is currently tilted in favour of the German-French alliance. With Ukraine in the EU, Eastern Europe would have enough numbers to challenge the German and French dominance in the EU. The Maltese government knows that it needs Ukraine as an ally, the problem is that our government is made of incredibly incompetent and corrupt politicians, unwilling to take the situation seriously. They sincerely think they can handle foreign diplomacy and international relations with a Super ONE script, oblivious to the fact that the whole world is watching them while understanding every single fraud behind the things they say.

Malta is currently opposing an EU embargo on Russian oil because local oil traders are buying oil and bunkering it in Malta, and this trading activity is also done by major and international companies such as Trafigura which bunkers such oil in Malta. It is not just about selling Maltese flags to foreign ships but even that reason alone is ridiculous and stupid to oppose Russian sanctions. There is much more to the story of why the Labour government is fighting for Russian interests pretending they are our own. Our government only fights for our “national interests” when someone and somewhere from the rent-seeking regime is getting hurt or bitten. In the cases where you would expect our government to fight for our national interests such as in the Electrogas scandal, the corrupt public hospital privatisation deals and energy subsidies subsidising Chinese profits from its deal with Enemalta, the Maltese government is nowhere to be found.

Imagine a group of pro-Labour activists and politicians who have never worked in the private industry, have never sold anything in their lives and made careers by working at ONE and taking government contracts or by becoming career politicians right away. Their travels around the world started when they entered office because they couldn’t afford it previously, or like the prime minister were too insular and myopic to actually try and understand the world by living abroad (the prime minister’s idea of a holiday is to go to Sicily with his yacht). So, imagine these village politicians and village lawyers with a village mentality who suddenly have taken over the country in a historic period where Europe is facing serious energy and economic crises while Russia is invading a neighbouring country in our own continent. Now, think really hard about this. At a time when we need the adults in the room to solve some of our biggest historic challenges, we are governed by ONE propagandists and village lawyers. When one realises this, one comes to the inevitable conclusion that removing Labour from the government is right now an existential necessity for our country.

We are currently on the verge of becoming a failed state with a corrupt police force which protects corrupt politicians and an authoritarian government which was elected without an absolute majority that has nearly complete control over the whole state structure. The current government struggles to appease corrupt and special interests such as notorious players in the oil industry at the expense of the whole population and the future of our nation. The people who govern us have no conception of the material consequences of their actions because they were never in a position to suffer the consequences of their own actions. The prime minister lives in a bubble and barely understands how his own country works, let alone what’s going on in the world today. At this rate, we are not going to remain a failed state, but we are in line to become a rogue state with a corrupt and authoritarian government which trades and deals with rogue states and serves as their mouthpiece in Europe.

For those of us who live in the real world and not in the bubble of ONE propaganda, we know that trading with Russia is literally financing an imperial war and this is why European countries and EU institutions are in the process of disentangling their trade relationships with Russia. This is a long-term process which is changing how we see international trade, and it has got nothing to do with “Malta’s interest” which doesn’t factor in at all in this global process. The same process may very be extended to China once they decide to invade Taiwan. Malta and Hungary will not be able to say they will be taking a neutral position and trade with both the West and the rogue imperial states. Trust a group of ONE propagandists and village lawyers to take us out of our crises.

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