Ex-cop and public lyncher John Charles Ellul is in the cannabis business

One of the legal consultants to the government’s marijuana reform was John Charles Ellul a former police officer in the forensic department. Yesterday, Joseph Ellul who is also in charge of Malta’s police academy, encouraged Labourites to pelt government opponents with tomatoes and eggs. Minister of Interior Byron Camilleri did not ask him to resign.

Many would remember John Charles Ellul’s hardline position on marijuana before he became a government consultant on marijuana legislation. After helping the government to draft its marijuana legislation, John Ellul went into the medical cannabis business by working for a Canadian-owned company called Materia Ventures. Materia Ventures has a company in Malta that sells medicinal cannabis products.

As a government consultant on cannabis legislation, and simultaneously an ex-police officer who is now in charge of the police’s academy, John Ellul was probably well connected to understand in advance how his previous police colleagues would interpret the law. One should ask John Ellul whether the bizarre arrest of Andrew Agius was actually to the benefit of some of Andrew Agius‘ competitors.

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