Apology not accept. Resign, now.

This is an ex-police officer and director of the Academy of the Disciplined Forces, John Charles Ellul saying:

Is It possible that there are no eggs and tomatoes left to lynch the Nationalists as they leave Parliament? Truly a case of where are the Labourites.

As a director, he is responsible for the academy which provides instruction to the police and the armed forces. Coincidentally, today the head of the European Federation of Police, Calum Steele argued that Malta’s police force is too close to the government. The Minister of the Interior, Byron Camilleri, didn’t tell Carles Ellul to resign, he simply asked him to remove his Facebook post. Byron doesn’t understand that Charles Ellul didn’t commit a mistake which can be remedied or forgiven – he simply exposed his way of thinking which is common to many other police officers who don’t serve the country and the people but serve corrupt political masters. Byron, so far, seems to have made a very good job in protecting corrupt police officers like John Charles Ellul by retaining them in the system.

Charles Ellul’s rant came at a time when Prime Minister Rober Abela is out there pretending to be “humbled” by his victory and telling us that he will work for all of the Maltese.

It’s more of the same. Fraud, stupidity, incompetence and outright corruption. Slowly and gradually, they are admitting it in public because they feel they can not be challenged at the elections. We are watching Labour turning our country into a dictatorship in real-time.

Here is my message to Charles Ellul as a Maltese citizen. Resign, now, scumbag. You have no place in the public sector. Imbecile.


  1. You will surely be honored by what I have to say….

    You remind of the venomous lady Voldemort, she whose name should not be said, that is Daphne (there, said it) and her self anointed heir Manuel delia.

    Hurling insults to drive a point seems to be the only way you manage to communicate. And in the process expose the sadness that is deep rooted inside your soul. Or your physical body (if you’re a non believer).

    Would I be more convincing if I called you a dickhead in posting comments here about what I think of you? I believe not, but a dickhead you surely are.

    • The situation is truly desperate. There are dicks showing off their ignorance commenting everywhere you look

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