Revisiting Victory Day

Today, we celebrate Victory Day, the Allied victory over Nazi Germany on 8th May 1945. The Russians celebrate their own Victory Day tomorrow.

Malta made an important contribution to the War as it served as an island fortress against Nazi dominance in the Mediterranean and North Africa. Malta survived constant bombings by air and was also used as a launching post for the Allied invasion of Sicily in the Summer of 1943. The photo in the post shows a group of men part of the Dockyard Defence Battery and these guys saw some of the most intensive aerial bombardments in the War.

Today, as the Russian army commits treacherous atrocities in Ukraine, the history of the invasion of the Red Army in Eastern Europe is being re-visited. For many years Western intellectuals have brushed aside serious claims of rape and pillage by the Red Army in Germany and Eastern Europe. Readers unfamiliar with this story can start by reading military historian Anthony Beevor’s scathing book on the subject.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians are also calling out for shame on Russia for celebrating Victory Day while it commits war crimes and atrocities in Ukraine. By now, more Ukrainians were killed in Mariupol by the Russian army than during the Nazi invasion.

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