The story on the Tumas Fenech donations

Maybe, my standards and expectations are too high for my own good as I would expect the PN to have a categorical position on not accepting any donations from the Tumas Group. However, the truth seems to be otherwise. Both Labour and PN seem to have accepted donations from the Tumas Group during the last election campaign.

Labour has made its position very clear with regards to the Electrogas power station and Tumas Group which is part of the consortium which owns it is today raking a profit from this corrupt deal. The previous CEO of Tumas Group, Yorgen Fenech is being accused of masterminding the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia after she exposed the corruption of the government behind the project. That Labour would have accepted donations from Tumas Group is expected – we know that the Labour Party’s position is to keep buttressing our fraudulent and corrupt system. PN was supposed to position itself against this corrupt system.

PN can’t be trusted to lead a national coalition of opposition against the Labour government under these conditions. Although an alternative government needs the conservative vote to beat Labour next elections, PN is clearly not in a position to lead Malta out of the rent-seeking regime as it reeks financial desperation. A national coalition against the Labour government should be led by a new and independent party that has no connections to Malta’s current system and its donors, but such a party should neither be led by Lawrence Gonzi stalwarts such as Jason Azzopardi. given that they are part of a past which has been rejected by the Maltese electorate over and over again. The political landscape is changing, yet even Adrian Delia will never have a chance of garnering a bigger majority than Labour.

At this point, a total PN meltdown may not necessarily be a bad thing for our democracy. At least with a total and radical re-organisation of the Opposition, we have the chance of creating a new political force which can challenge Labour and take power next elections.

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