Ah, he is a fraud that’s why.

I just love it when I criticise a politician and then readers send me information about this politician which confirms my suspicions.

So, apparently, the doctor I wrote about yesterday, changed his surname before the general election so as to get more donkey votes.

He says that his change of surname was “a purely personal issue.” – no it isn’t, it is a public issue because he changed it before the elections purely and exclusively to serve his electoral aims. He is a fraud because he engaged in a deceiving practice and doesn’t want to tell us the truth about it. He thinks we are dumb and stupid and like him, so he expects us to believe him.

And please note that this fraudulent practice is legal. It doesn’t mean that he is doing anything illegal, but it is still fraud. This is just a reflection of the qualities of a new Labour MP who thinks his job is to make his presence felt with his opinions.

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