Just another useless Labour MP

Apart from culling his critics from the government and the party structures, Robert Abela instilled a very tight grip over the Labour Party to the extent that he turned it into a toxic fan club of his supporters. No person in his right-mind and with the right principles would ever have accepted to become a first-time political candidate in politics with Robert Abela’s Labour Party and those who did are mostly longtime Labour propagandists or opportunists looking to extend and expand their interests. These opportunists who take to politics pursuing their personal interests are identified very easily by their actions and their speech. Recently I have learned that there is a new Labour MP named Paul Agius Galea who also happens to be a doctor after he told us “he is very concerned” there is an increasing number of young people with mental health conditions.

Jolly good. Now I know Labour has another MP who is a doctor and is opinionated. Apparently, for these people, politics is all about voicing one’s opinion and being heard. They don’t even understand why someone would get elected to parliament in the first place.

Being a member of parliament means you have the power to change lives and shape society through legislation. It’s not about telling us what you think – it’s about working to make society better. If Paul Agius Galea is so concerned about mental health issues in Malta, then I expect him to take up his words and do something about it, only that he won’t cos that is not why Labour MPs are elected. Labour MPs are elected only to support Dear Leader. Theoretically, if this MP was so and truly concerned, he would be busy studying the economic and sociological causes which are giving rise to mental health conditions. After spending endless hours studying causes he would find legislative ways to mitigate these causes, probably by supporting and drafting pro-environmental bills and anti-poverty measures. But we know that it doesn’t work that way. Paul Agius Galea will instead be seeing private clients and grinding at his medical career, because “everyone needs to eat” at the end of the day.

Maltese politicians have very big mouths but their hands usually get dirty only when they stir their own personal dinners.

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  1. Ah, he is a fraud that’s why. – Mark Camilleri

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