A not so intelligent man

Alfred Sant

People have often judged Alfred Sant as a very intelligent man by the way he talks and given his large number of prize-winning literary works. Tell me again why an intelligent man as a Labour Party Leader would give some of the biggest responsibilities in the Labour Party to some of the most squalidly idiotic people possible? But let’s not go there.

This is about Alfred Sant refusing still, until this day, to recognize in any form and official way Daphne Caruanan Glizia’s work. He’s never going to do this because apparently he is still pissed off at her for waging a political campaign against him throughout most of her career. Daphne saw Alfred an incompetent leader who would push Malta into an abyss as opposed to making Malta a member of the EU and modernising local institutions. So, Alfed Sant, is definitely not going to support a bid to the European Parliament for a prize for The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation. Instead, Alfred Sant is supporting another kind of bid altogether.

Had Alfred Sant some whiff of emotional intelligence he would have reasoned that Daphne’s opinion on him doesn’t matter. Even the fact that he is one of Malta’s most popular writers isn’t enough for him to feel any sense of obligation to another fellow writer who has been murdered. He’s in a much better position than the average Joe and the average Labour politician to know how important it is to officially commemorate Daphne’s memory and recognize her work. His actions and infantile behavior towards Daphne’s memory just make me even more convinced that Daphne was right about him.

Grow up, Alfred.



  1. Daphne was right about Dr Sant and even a large number of MLP supporters back then saw how bad of a leader he turned out to be. Admittedly we were mesmerised by his academic achievements but right away I saw a detached self serving autocrat especially with his agressive stand on abortion, inability to manage and handle an old but powerful man and against EU membership for stupid reasons. All should have been honest socialist lines of thought worthy of proper serious debate not a single one man band draconian decision. Ok maybe 2. Him and that other wanna be socialist but extrene conservative dinosaur and career lackey George Vella

  2. Same goes for Baby Mario Philip Azzopardi, Baby Michael Falzon (ex PN Minister) and plenty others. Apparently, many Maltese boys of that generation were brought up by brainwashed and oppressed Roman Catholic mothers who told her precious darling boy/s they can do no wrong. Resulting in Zero Emotional Intelligence.
    Often these men end up hating their Religion and disrespecting their poor mother.

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